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Among the waves of the Ionian Sea


Among the waves of the
Ionian Sea

2-days tour (week end) for 2 people
Time: from 31th May to 30th June and from 29th August to 30th September

Route kilometers: about 200 km
Duration: from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm
Sport cars: Ferrari California T, Ferrari 458 spider, Alfa Romeo 4c spider, Maserati Ghibli and many others on request.

Tour per 2 people
along the Ionian Coast

Arrival and accommodation at WINE RESORT VINILIA, a former castle in the territory of Manduria, that after a clever restoration has become a warm and welcoming structure with the outstanding restaurant “Casamatta” and a wonderful spa.
Gourmet dinner prepared by chef Pietro Penna under the supervision of chef Valeria Piccini (awarded with 2 stars by Michelin), one of the most influential figures of Italian cuisine. Overnight in deluxe room.

Briefing by our technical experts of Italian performance cars. During the meeting we will explain the characteristics of the cars chosen by you, the board controls and the principles of safe driving. At the end of the briefing, coffee break and practice drive will follow.
On board of the car chosen you will drive along the road from Manduria to Taranto, among vineyards and Ionian coast. Once in Piazza Castello, you will meet your private tour guide to start the visit to the Aragon Castle (estimated time: 1 hour). The Aragon Castle of Taranto (or Castel Sant'Angelo) occupies with its quadrangular plant and the vast central courtyard the extreme corner of the island on which the ancient township of the city extends. The first part of the castle dates back to 916, when the Byzantines began the construction of the "Fortress" to protect against the attacks by the Saracens and the Republic of Venice. In 1486 Ferdinand II of Aragon appointed the architect and military engineer Francesco di Giorgio Martini to expand the castle and give it the current structure in order to replace the medieval typology of the towers designed for the plum defense.

Moving to MarTa Museum crossing the magnificent Swing Bridge. Visit of the Museum with private guide (about 2 hours). The National Archaeological Museum of Taranto (MArTA) is the most important museum of the Hellenistic period and exhibits on three floors, one of the largest collections of artifacts of the time of Magna Grecia, including the famous "Golds of Taranto". The museum was awarded with the prize "100 Italian Excellences 2016".

We then move to enjoy a superb light lunch with sea food provided by the restaurant "Channel" on board of the brand new sailing yacht "Chez Black" moored at the pier St. Eligius in Taranto.

Excursion on board of the Chez Black yacht among the waves of Grande Sea where you can sometimes watch dolphins playing with the boat's bow.

After a short break, we’ll stop at the Cheradi Islands of St. Peter and St. Paul, where you can cool off in the magnificent sea and relax on the fine sandy beaches.

Arrival by car to Vinilia Wine Resort surround end by the wonderful night-time scenery of the tarantine coast. Accommodation (optional dinner).
Breakfast and end of the stay.

Maserati Ghibli

Full tour package for 2 people + car rental: € 2950 franchise € 2.500

Ferrari 458 spider

Full tour package for 2 people + car rental: € 5300, franchise € 10.000

Ferrari California T

Full tour package for 2 people + car rental: € 5500, franchise € 10.000

Alfa Romeo 4c spider

Full tour package for 2 people + car rental: € 3450, franchise € 2.000
  • 1 tour “Scent of Italy” for one day, for two people, on Italian sport cars to discover the land of Puglia.
  • The opportunity to drive, for over 200 km, the latest models of the most prestigious Italian sport cars, including Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and many more on request.
  • Kasko car insurance for all cars.
  • Coffee break during briefing.
  • 2 nights for 2 people at RESORT VINILIA with deluxe room accommodation
  • 1 dinner for 2 people at the CASAMATTA restaurant
  • Excursion by yacht to CHERADI islands
  • Skipper
  • "light lunch" for two people provided by restaurant CANALE on board of the yacht Chez Black
  • Insurance on board the yacht..
  • Top Drive Italia staff (1/2 people), always at your disposal, to assist you in any need, including technical assistance. Your Private Tour Pilot will be in a car with you to guide you along the chosen route.
  • Mobile radio system (Customers and Top Drive Italia staff will always be in radio connection throughout the tour).
  • Service for parking, refueling, cleaning and transport of purchased products for all cars.
  • Guided tour and entrance to the Aragon Castle with private guide in English / French / Russian.
  • Guided tour and entrance to the MARTA National Archaeological Museum.
  • Gasoline included in the price.
Just think about driving and enjoying the scents of Puglia, your Private Tour Pilot and Top Drive Italia staff will take care of everything...
Deposit: 30% at time of booking, non-refundable. Balance:5 days before the event, non-refundable. Pre-authorization (security deposit): 1 day block before the event - unblocking when returning or within 24 hours.

Tours are customizable - Car models are subject to availability - Booking is required - For tours with more than one car or for several day tours, ask for a personalized quote.