Top Drive Italia

"Excellence is revealed through the care for details"

Top Drive Italia, a company specialized in services related to the world of sport and luxury cars, was founded with the aim of disclosing in Puglia the automotive sector made in Italy.

Our land, rich in unspoiled landscapes, deep-rooted traditions and ancient folklore, will be rediscovered and lived through several private initiatives reserved to Top Drive Italia customers driving sport cars, surrounded by the charm of luxury and elegance, along exclusive itineraries created to satisfy every need for good taste and enhancement.

A perfect combination of ingredients such as passion for high performing cars, competence and discretion, will accompany you in every single adventure spent with us.

Top Drive Italia is proud of its collaboration with engineers, pilots and professional instructors to arrangesport driving stages on some of the most modern racing cars, like the Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 and Ferrari 458 Challenge Evolution, in major Italian racetracks including Adria International Raceway, Varano De’ Melegari, Monza, Imola, Mugello, Vallelunga and many more.

Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with many partners operating throughout the country, our company offers an exclusive and luxury service able to meet every need. Modern motor yachts or elegant sailing boats, versatile helitaxi or fast private jets, every request will be met quickly and efficiently, taking care of every aspect and detail of the service so that everything will be right and perfect.